A unique office maintenance service

Pro-Active Maintenance provides more than ‘a contractor on site for a day’. The concept of planned maintenance requires regular visits by a responsible person so we prefer to work on a period contract with a specified number of days within that period.

You will have the same multi-tasked operative for every visit who will have a personal interest in making sure that everything is right. Your building will have a logbook into which known jobs will be entered with a priority indicator to ensure that the most important jobs are done first.

Because the emphasis will be on proactive maintenance, a site inspection will be made on each visit and the results reported to you. Any work found as a result of this survey can either be done on that day or be included in the logbook for the next visit.

You receive regular monthly invoices which can be planned into your budget and your financial controller only needs to be involved in the initial authorisation.

A service provided to meet a need

We get regular feedback from our clients and they all agree that we provide office repairs and maintenance that is both cost efficient and effective in maintaining a high quality standard (read the testimonials). They like the way that someone always arrives on the specified day to do all of their small repairs and maintenance. Our fixed daily fee also means one invoice per month instead of lots of invoices from different small repair contractors.

Our Pro Active service gives you:

A few of the things that we do

Inspect the lights