The office repair company that you can rely on

One of the buildings we look after

Pro-Active Maintenance was set up in the UK in 1998 in direct response to the needs of office managers who needed a service that would help ease the burden of controlling office repairs and maintenance.

They said that they were fed up with trying to juggle running their business with the day to day problems of fixing broken furniture, tightening door handles, replacing light bulbs and the thousand and one other things that go wrong with offices.

Pro-Active is committed to providing you with office repairs and maintenance services that will make life easier. We do not believe in waiting and reacting, we will help you to set in place strategies that will remove the need to constantly react to maintenance problems.

Our clean fleet

We are a dedicated team of individuals who combine to provide high levels of skill and knowledge across all areas of office repairs and maintenance and we will look after your offices with little or no input from you.

Our strength and uniqueness lies in the quality and high levels of service that we provide to every one of our clients. (Have a look at the testimonials on the 'How well we do it' page)